How do you define leadership?

KHKLL offers customized leadership coaching that will engage and inspire professionals with measurable skills.

KHKLL Coaching Components

KHKLL believes in setting realistic, attainable goals that begin with a deep grasp of each employee’s history.  Together, we review past experiences, both personal and professional, to elicit an understanding of accomplishments to date, motivations and career aspirations. 

KHKLL’s targeted 360˚ Interview & Feedback Process allows key colleagues and stakeholders to describe specific behaviors and impact the of those behaviors on colleagues. 

A Hogan Leadership assessment will help define leadership strengths, challenges and motivators. Discussion of results in the context of an individual’s career aspirations and 360˚ feedback will provide valuable, personalized direction.

A key component to successful coaching is the creation of a customized development plan with specific actionable items to enhance accountability.