KHK Leadership & Learning provides customized professional development and leadership services that accelerate employee confidence and create a strong and sustainable corporate culture.

Executive Leadership Coaching

We provide customized 1:1 coaching and collaboration for senior leaders to clarify professional goals, improve communication and accelerate leadership impact.

Leadership Development

We inspire new and existing employees and managers through small group, experiential workshops. Sample topics include: balancing producing and managing, time management and prioritization, delegation, giving effective feedback, holding difficult conversations, leading with empathy and motivating and retaining top performers.

Human Capital Advisory

We provide outsourced human capital services and advise on key topics including, but not limited to, talent management, performance management, recruiting and enhancing corporate culture. We also design and facilitate memorable off-sites that strengthen teams and build morale.

Prepare your business for long-term success with highly customized professional development and leadership services that will engage and imbue professionals with measurable skills. Create productive teams and a healthy corporate culture through KHK’s expertise that can be applied and sustained across an organization over time.