KHKLL serves as Human Capital consultant
to organizations, working closely and consistently
on their unique needs

Our services include:

KHKLL will review your current performance management approach and design a comprehensive annual performance management process that includes training managers on techniques for giving effective feedback.

KHKLL implements succession planning, career path mapping, corporate title strategy and communication.

KHKLL creates and facilitates activities designed to enhance employee engagement, morale and your corporate culture. These activities include speaker series and teach-ins, employee community engagement and volunteerism and creative team building events. We also design and conduct employee /culture surveys.

KHKLL offers enhanced recruiting strategies and implement Interview Skills workshops for employees tasked with conducting interviews. Our new hire onboard planning program is essential for successful integration of new hires.

KHKLL develops employee policies ranging from return to office planning, flexible work arrangements, parental leave and mental health support with comprehensive and compassionate implementation.