How do you create a culture that inspires excellence?

KHKLL works with organizations to design and implement leadership and professional development strategies to meet the needs of their employees at all levels – from entry level through senior leadership. We focus on the fundamentals by creating compelling workshops for corporations and take the time to understand your unique needs. Sample workshop topics include: balancing producing and managing, time management and prioritization, delegation, giving effective feedback, holding difficult conversations, leading with empathy and motivating and retaining top performers.

KHKLL’s programs, workshops and offsites are designed to create interactive experiences that include case discussion, video taped role play and memorable team activities.

KHKLL designs bespoke developmental activities to inspire emerging professionals and hone the skills of established leaders.

KHKLL believes in a ‘leaders teaching leaders’ model with frequent peer to peer coaching and best practice sharing.

KHKLL creates and implements strategic on and offsite workshops that bring teams together to engage and recognize employees. Sample sessions include the Interpersonal Leadership Styles Assessment which creates space for self awareness of individual behavior styles and their impact on professional relationships and the Values Workshop which allows for self reflection, identifying core values and discussion of their impact on professional motivation.